YORKSHIRE Mobile Toilet Range

The Yorkshire mobile toilet range is always well received at Wedding, Party or Corporate events. Our usual finish is a Beech, Oak or Black finish.

Philip Shaw and his team are Mobile Toilet Manufacturers and have been in the mobile toilet hire business since 1988, gathering a wealth of experience. Enabling them to design and produce a range of high quality self contained mobile toilet units with good life expectancy, good towing characteristics, that have ease of servicing in mind and are also aesthetically pleasing.

Yorkshire Mobile Toilet
Yorkshire Internal

YORKSHIRE Mobile Toilet Features

  • Galvanised Chasis / Tank with base sloped to centre sump
  • Service Area – Gives easy access to cisterns, plumbing and electrics
  • Low wattage water heater
  • Full LED road lighting
  • LED step lights
  • Quick fit pump system
  • Air Source heat pump technology* is now available as an option (*or convection heating)
  • Strip curtains are available for privacy and temperature control
  • All internal lights are now LED

Available Toilet Sizes

17′ x 7’6″
3 Female Cubicles
1 Male Cubicle
2 Urinals
14′ x 6′
2 Female Cubicles
1 Male Cubicle
1 Urinals
10′ x 6′
2 Cubicles

YORKSHIRE Mobile Toilet Gallery

Shaw Services Fresh / Grey Water Flush System

Our fresh / grey water flush toilet units can be seen as a cheaper/ simpler alternative to vacuum, and also as a means to get away from chemical flushing.The system recycles the hand wash water to flush the toilets making efficient use of water and waste tank capacity. This system can be applied to most sizes of unit and has been favoured by some TV/Film location companies, but it can also be suitable for other types of work. The system is well suited to being fittedwith 12 volt pump and battery which can allow it to stand alone for long periods, but will usually have mains power also to provide water heating and battery charging when power is available.


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